becoming a mother

threw me into a whirlwind of challenges: Broken body, lack of sleep, unrelenting demands. Then the years unwound, and the saying “bigger kids, bigger problems” - really hit home. Issues that until now were just news headlines, have suddenly found their way into my home turf. Now they are burning and personal.

This documentary is, at its heart, a quest to try and answer the questions and dilemmas that pound daily at a mother’s door. It is both a piece about motherhood, and a look at contemporary society.

a certain mother

From the Dandenong Ranges to Sydney’s northern beaches, from rural Victorian pastures to an inner city flat -  a single day unfolds for five women in the throes of motherhood. Whilst tending to the relentless demands of the day, they are determined to rise above the struggles that are close to their heart. Whether faced with disability, or their own anxieties, a weight-preoccupied teen or the biases of others, they are forced to deconstruct and redefine some of our culture’s most sacred ideals.