impact vision

The Issue

Parenthood often confronts us with the unresolved issues in our society:

Whether it’s rising levels of anxiety and depression, rampant dissatisfaction with body, prejudice, or social exclusion - our children bring home the big issues of our time, making them personal and burning. 

A Certain Mother will address five central issues, exploring the challenges and complexities that these present when raising our children:

  • Body image

  • Mental Health

  • Disability and Difference

  • Gender and Sexuality

  • Multiculturalism and Identity

Through the stories of mothers who have found these issues at the heart of their parenthood, we will seek to answer the questions and dilemmas that many parents face:

How do we raise our children to be comfortable in their skin?

How can we strengthen their sense of identity? Build up their resilience? Help them cope better with mental stressors?

Can we help them defy statistics? Cure self-doubt? Rise above bias and stigma?

What needs to change in our culture, in our education system, in us...?

The Impact

A Certain Mother will support and inspire parents who are facing similar issues. Above this, the film will prompt all of us to reconsider some of our previously held views, exposing the fault lines in our culture, and instigating small changes within. As the stories thread together, the shared human experience of motherhood will come to light - one that transcends our personal, particular circumstances.